obilis European Mobilities’ Organization (MEMO) was established in order to provide opportunity to live the Europeanism, to quest and exploit the possibilities. The founding members and staffs with many years experience provide assistance for secondary schools, secondary technical schools and their students. Our organization organizes short-, mid-, and long-term professional practices, vocational trainings and seminars in Budapest and in other 3 beautiful metropolises of Europe. Our services are fully comprehensive, including the organization of travel, professional work placement abroad, accommodation, full board meals, insurance, local transport, cultural programs, 24 hours assistance and help. All of this for free, covered by European Union founding, without own financial resources and hidden costs.
Our organization help small-, medium-,  and big- enterprises in finding foreign partners and contacts. We can help!
During our activity we have acquired a significant social capital in the field of automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electronics and logistics industries, environmental protection, food industry, tourism, hospitality, consulting and finance.


Our Organization focus to support the future generation. With the opportunities we provide you, you can:

●    test yourself,

●    improve your foreign language skills,
●    travel, have fun, travel all over Europe.

With our help hundreds students carried out successful professional practice and got a lifelong experience in European cities such us Milan and Paris, the capitals of fashion, Wien, the capital of culture, and Budapest, the capital of entertainment.

Join us!
You can be an IT specialist, technician, confectioner, waiter, beautician, hairdresser or car mechanic, you can be sure, that we will organize and provide the best professional practice for you.

●   automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electronics,
●   computer technology, computer graphics,
●   animation, video, media, communications,telecommunication,
●   architecture, skilled work (water, electricity),
●   social work, tourism and hospitality,
●   beauty, cosmetic, hairdresser,
●   administration and business administration,
●   marketing, education,
●   culture, art, handicraft, theater, dance, music, entertainment,

●   sports and leisure activities, socio-cultural activity,
●   animal protection, agriculture, horticulture,
●   transportation, logistics, textile industry.

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Mobilis European Mobilities' Organization
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